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July 27, 2013


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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 27, 2013, 10:57 AM
Sandwich by digitalminds Let's make some cookies by kupenska Sweets For My Sweet by BarryGreenland 63 Croquant Aux Fruits by RoselineLphoto Lemonade by LilyBrilliant Cranberry Muffins by peachjuice :: green cupcake by moiraprojectRainbow Pasta by theresahelmer macarons by ZaLita Fresh salad by CyberVelvet Strawberry Cake with Rose 1 by bittykate Fruit Tart by Studioxil The Hawaiian Sink by courey T h e . C u p c a k e by artiki Apple Cinnamon Muffin I by Lily-of-the-Vallley my first breakfast snapshot by Finvara Strawberry and Nutella Mini-Calzones by cakecrumbs Vegetable Quiche - II by Julyendiary Banana Bread by chompsoflife 7.4 by absentiae Colors of all kind by shatinn Cutlets by saadany Waffle-Cake by pixelphreek Muffins by wihad Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcake by sasQuat-ch Ice cream with cherries by LilyBrilliant Lovely and Gorgeous by EnchantedCupcake BIRTHDAY Chocolate Chip Cookie by ya7obeelk Bite by arhcamt We're smarties by joesie Rainbow Cake - Real by ClefairyKid :thumb342970887: salade by Hazartstudiophoto Clementine Biscotti with Pomegranate Syrup by acquiredlife beans burger on multigrain bun by aperture24 Ice-Cream by ex-arte Chocolate-Mint-Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting by dabbisch S M I L E by fotoki cookies by VanillaC Hot chocolate by drinkpoison Tiramisu - Day 24 of 365 by escaped-emotions 092 by gi-tepes vanilla dessert by KowalskiEmil Candy flowers II by RomanaJur

Cupcakes by ibanitz
Pretzels by lidaC

I HEART Nutella ... by aoao2 salatka z makaronem w ksztalcie ryzu by KowalskiEmil cupcake experiment I by tabagista Cookies by Qvkata 321 - Apple pie. by bymee strawberry lemonade cupcakes by cmykchicago Apple Pie by AEisnor New Zealand Natural ice-cream by DesiGnerMR Apple Pie by Timosaby Chocolate chip cookies by Mariyon nyam nyam nyam 11 by amirphotography Muffin by DarkPati

Chocolate cake with pomegranate by slyadnev
Kisses by TaliNatPhotography
Hot Chocolate Time by Miss-Mahawe

:thumb200462344: Tea time by kim-e-sens Little rabbit, Joojie lunch box by loveewa

Sneaky Cookies by claremanson Valentine by Dipliner hot cocoa with baileys by Pokakulka Muffins by vanilla-tapes Tiramisu - Valentine's Day by p0piete Summerberry-Tiramisu by Z740 green + red + white = yummy by StopScreamGraphy Muffins by FeelinThis tomato party by little-billie Cherry Boy by naked-in-the-rain sweet rainy day by illusionality 19. oreo cookies by chpsauce :thumb134098293: Breakfast by dizzi-bizzi Summer Cupcake by PurpleMagazine Cake by Black-Ban sweet life by Orwald coffee and chocolate by MorkOrk cake with fruits by Pokakulka :thumb107276402: i love pizza by estellamestella Enjoy your PASTA . . . by herzyhananditya Seven Sins by laura242

coconut and almond bread by pitrih
Double Cherry Walnut Brownie by courey Rainbow cake by kupenska

Pancake by FrauDoku Chocolate   Macaron by akemiM Rainbow Cake Slice by claremanson Cookieception by EliseEnchanted Ice cream by gold-girl776 chicken soup by amirphotography chocolate bread by Kellerfee Bloody Red Temptation by IHaveSeenTheRain MandMz 2 by Fatima-AlKuwari H O T   C H O C O L A T by xILOONA Caught Me by WishmasterAlchemist Cookies by PurpleMagazine Chocolate doughnuts by patchow summer pie by nebovoblakax cupcakes by starsandpolkadots coconut muffins by KowalskiEmil Fairy Bread by VintageWarmth Sweet potato frittata 1 by patchow Sweets For You by karwahe Happy Valentine's Day by ieatSTARS Caught In A Cookie Jar by KiwiGall Fairy Bread by Nano5022 Muffins by sisqo4u Yum by onixa Heart by Blo0wm0on Sandwich with bacon and poached egg by LilyBrilliant chocolate cake by tracylopez chocolate almond Muffins by Disneys-Buffy Fraise by mister-kovacs :thumb257859532: Colorful . ... by light-from-Emirates Chocolate Crazy by peachjuice Chocolate Wedding Cake by otaru23 Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffin 02 by PoodleSchmoodle Chocolate makes me happy by pencarn07 S m a r t i e s by Somebody--else rurki 2 by KowalskiEmil Lovely Breakfast by Lethiel Cool Mint Oreo Cheesecake (+recipe) by claremanson FRESH Temptation by SEREN-D-IPITY wanna share with me by MixedMilkChOcOlate Black and Blue by laurenjacob Dig In by starlightspell Bitter by macaron9 Chocolate Covered Strawberries by caitelle food by FiorOf Soft Box - Strawberry Flavored Ice Cream by VintageWarmth Tomato Trio by noregretting91 Danbo's in Sweet Heaven by Lady-Tori Cupcake pops by kupenska Banana Waffles with Caramel by chompsoflife Cranberry Ice Cream 4 by laurenjacob Strawberry Shortcake by KirstieeRae Brownies Noix de Pecan by ClaraLG :thumb362036278: Summer Jam by stephfowler Suesse Architektur by JustHoldMe :thumb348076498: Veggie on Toast by VintageWarmth

More: Are you hungry? Blushing Chocolate by JustLexa :thumb157487885: Swirl by nhuthanh coco by JustHoldMe Box of chocolates by liftangel Have a wonderful time by onixa Day 15 - Lazy afternoon by EliseEnchanted Stay, and drink some tea by ByLaauraa la la luxurious. by Camiloo Cake for Princesses by Korpinkynsi Saturday Morning II by sp1nderella skittle cupcake by chpsauce Valentine by Dipliner Snowfall Cake II by claremanson Cookies by Inutilll Colorful Delights by Naphartiri Sweet as love by liajedi Heart with chocolate by AmandineRopars Sprinke, sprinke by IHaveSeenTheRain Orange Slice by bittykate peach mousse by Pokakulka :thumb318249499: Still Life. 018 by AlexEdg cupcakes by illusionality Mr. Penguin's Peppermint Bark by YasminNich . c u p c a k e . by mistandsparkles Gingerbread Latte by blackbiscuit cupcakes by Zala24 cupcake I by cmykchicago healthy cookies by topinka cupcake III by excentric Chocolate cupcake. .. by light-from-Emirates Icing sugar by bebefromtheblock Mmmmm.... milk chocolate. by 6Artificial6 Oreo by AmandineRopars Rush of colors by kim-e-sens I'm still a girl. by gloeckchen .:Cookies:. by melenya Think Smart, Be Smarties by joesie

The Donut Story by ossesinare Cupcakes! by kishsaayx This just makes me happy by gold-girl776 D o n u t s by Sha59-Ananii H O T C H O C O L A T by xILOONA Sweet 3 by gold-girl776 Chocolate Fudge Brownies by Thrakki Cupcakes by hellokitty1996 :thumb3396471

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hyousetsuryuu Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
This feature really is everything nice! Not saying that the other features aren't, of course... They are all nice! :heart:
lieveheersbeestje Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
So glad you enjoy them! :hug:
Ozkyks Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You evil person, I'm starvingI'm hungry...Get in my belly! Waaaah!    And, my KEYBOARD IS WETPissed  And it's not waterproof...
Ozkyks Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
But I can't stay mad at you, you're too nice red heart bullet Wink/Razz  And the feature is great too;)
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Hummmmm :aww: Delicious !
Thank you so much :hug: :heart:
lieveheersbeestje Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
You're very welcome! :heart:
PassionAndTheCamera Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Yummy, I'm getting hungry! :D Great works! :)
lieveheersbeestje Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
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I love your various collections of beautiful things.
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